Game Lobby [Flash]

This example showcases some of the SFS2X Game API features. You can create public games that require players to have certain prerequisistes to join the game, or you can create a private game and invite other online friends to join and play.

This is how you can test the Public Game mode:

  • once logged in choose your country and ranking from the My player details panel;
  • now create a new public Game Room: the Room will be configured to accept players from the same country as yours and with a raking greater or equal to yours;
  • launch another client and try joining the Room, you will see that the join will be refused if your details don't match the Room settings;
  • also notice that the game started/stopped status is kept updated in the Lobby for the other players outside the game.


This is how you can test the Private Game mode:

  • start three instances of the example with three different users, say Kermit, Piggy and Gonzo;
  • let Gonzo create a private game and select Kermit and Piggy as invited players;
  • both Kermit and Piggy will be notified of the invitation: if they will accept the invitation on time, they can join the game which will start.


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